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12 Categories of Christmas

12 Categories of Christmas

Our festive social media campaign #DeliveringChristmas features twelve key categories covered in our Christmas Category Education Brochure, see below.

The campaign, which launched on 6th November, will run for 6 weeks, sharing tips, insights, competitions and seasonal product offers to help retailers maximise sales over the festive period.

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Christmas is an ideal time to drive footfall through boxed chocolates, the perfect gift for any occasion. Sales of these should start to pick up earlier than other categories thanks to the festive spirit taking hold in offices and at social gatherings across the country.

Merchandising Tips:

Crisps & Snacks:

As the saying goes, Christmas is the season to be jolly, get together with family and friends, host and attend social events... and sharing bags of crisps and snacks fit all of those occasions perfectly, just as much as they fit a cold winter’s evening on the sofa, watching a movie with some snacks to share. This is another category, where you can expect to see a sales uplift early on, so stock up from mid-November.

Merchandising tips:

Soft Drinks:

Soft drinks are a staple for convenience stores at any time of the year, but it’s also one of the categories that benefits from elevated sales all throughout the festive period, from mid-November right through until the New Year. Party season and big nights in drive additional sales of bigger take home bottles, so it could pay to increase your space for soft drinks during this time.

Merchandising tips:

  • Link up with big events. Popular TV shows, seasonal and sporting events all result in an increase in in-home entertainment and gatherings.
  • Stock your soft drinks near other party foods like crisps, snacks and confectionery to increase sales in other categories.
  • The majority of sales within soft drinks come from the best sellers, so it’s important to keep those products stock. Read our Guide to Best Sellers for more information.


Trade up at Christmas! There is a growing trend amongst shoppers to trade up to more premium spirit brands; a trend that is further amplified at Christmas, with people treating themselves and others to something a little more special. Alcohol is one of the few categories bucking the trend with strong brand growth over own label. Gin in particular is experiencing a boom and can be a great way for retailers to increase footfall and sales.

Merchandising tips:

  • Stocking the right brands is key. Nearly 1/3 of shoppers will go elsewhere if their brand of choice is not available. Read our Guide to Best Sellers to make sure you’re right on the money.
  • Counter shoppers’ perception of premium pricing in convenience outlets and drive footfall in your store by highlight value; think promotions and PMPs.
  • Don’t forget mixers, ice and lemon! It might be chilly outside, but no one likes a warm G&T.

For more practical tips and category advice to help you make the most of Christmas, read our Christmas Category Education Brochure, available to P&H customers in our online Retailer Zone (select “Category Education Brochures” from the left-hand menu) and in print with our P15 mailing.

Stay tuned for more category advice coming up: Wine, Beer, Tobacco, PlusExtra direct to store scheme, Grocery, Household, Chilled and Frozen.