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Gifting: Alcohol

Gifting: Alcohol

Gift giving has increased by 15% in the past year, and is due to rise this Christmas, with consumers looking to purchase stocking fillers as well as main gifts (MAT £ sales to 05.01.13). While 60% of Gifting is all year round, 37% of it occurs at Christmas, which, in terms of gifting occasions, makes it as big as birthdays.

Alcohol is the most gifted category in the UK – 73% of the public have given Alcohol as a present in the past 6 months.

Out of all Alcohol categories, Spirit presents are the most popular – more than a quarter (29%) of all Spirits are purchased as gifts and 51% of gifters have bought a Spirit gift in the last 6 months

Make sure you capitalise on the £21m opportunity in Spirit Gifting in the UK this Christmas (MAT £ sales to 05.01.13).

Top 5 most popular Spirits bought as a gift

  1. Malt Whisky – 50% of the public would buy as a gift
  2. Cognac – 39% of the public would buy as a gift
  3. Blended Whisky – 38% of the public would buy as a gift
  4. Liqueurs – 35% of the public would buy as a gift                 
  5. Gin 32% – of the public would buy as a gift

Unsurprisingly, whisky is the most popular gift overall. It’s a ‘safe’ gift which provides the sense of prestige and willing to trade up – 80% of shoppers look to trade up or increase their spend during the Festive Season (Nielson HomeScan survey, Q4 2012).

The Convenience channel is becoming more and more popular for buying a Spirit gift and sales in convenience are growing faster than in the Multiple Grocers (Nielson, Val&Vol Sales 12 weeks to 13.09.14).. While gifts are normally planned in advance there is always room for distress purchase – 17% of gifters decide on a present only couple days before the event.

When deciding on the Gifting range in your store, always think about your shopper. Liqueurs and Gin tend to be the choices for female gifts, whilst whisky is the top choice for males.

Your range should also be geared up for different pricing brackets. The top 3 are:

Top Tips – Range:

Top Tips – Display:

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