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Chilled and Fresh

Chilled and Fresh

Here at Palmer and Harvey we have a wide range of over 750 chilled and fresh lines nationally listed for all independent customers, as well as further lines for regional areas. This is one of the biggest ranges in chilled and fresh wholesale and encompasses all of the nation’s favourite branded chilled products from all of the biggest suppliers. Our range is complimented with strong promotions to allow you to compete against your local rivals and even the biggest of supermarkets. Our chilled and fresh wholesale offering is so good that Palmer and Harvey are on course to be the biggest UK distributor of chilled and fresh foods by June 2014.

Market data tells us that the convenience chilled category has been growing for several years and it is now worth £2.6 billion (Convenience Store, March 2013). This shows the size of the category, and the growth that the category has seen shows that there is still a lot of potential in having a strong chilled offering. To help you get the best chilled offering, Palmer and Harvey have independently created several planograms for different chilled spaces to allow you to maximise your sales even in the smallest of stores. You can find these planograms within the Retailer Zone.

With low minimum order quantities and daily deliveries, our chilled and fresh service is easily accessible to all stores whether you are a symbol fascia, convenience store, forecourt, or CTN. We also offer great value, with an average POR of 28% across the 750 nationally listed lines, giving stronger delivered margins than it is possible to achieve through many of our competitors. The big brands are also price-matched against competitors to ensure that you receive the best prices in the market.

So if you are not already taking advantage of the fantastic services that Palmer and Harvey provide on our chilled and fresh offering, get in touch with one of our sales representatives today and find out what we can do for you.

Fresh Meat Merchandising Tips

At the beginning of each day, the counter should be filled up in date order. All goods must be checked for correct pricing and labels as products without them will not be bought by the consumer.

Fruit and Vegetables Merchandising Tips

Seasonal variation changes must be considered when displaying fruit and vegetable products – certain fruits, potatoes and salads will sell better from May to September whilst from October to April,customers' fruit tastes change and root vegetables are more prolific.

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