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Confectionery is bought by 99% of UK households and the confectionery category is worth a colossal £5.4 billion. And it is growing in value as shoppers buy confectionery more and more frequently – 2013 saw a 4.2% rise in value and a 3.1% rise in purchases over 2012.  

Confectionery also the biggest ‘snacking' sub-category within the wholesale and convenience channel, worth a massive £1.9 billion per year, and therefore is an essential part of any convenience store.

Attracting confectionery shoppers is extremely lucrative for convenience retailers – on average these shoppers have 3.73 items in their basket, vs. 2.77 in the average shopper’s basket.

At Palmer and Harvey, we offer a wide range of confectionery, covering Chocolate, Sugar, Single Bars, Boxed and Gifting, Sharing Blocks and Bags among many others. We have the stock to make sure you have the right product for every occasion, including big seasonal activity for Easter, Valentines and Christmas.

We are always promoting on key lines, making sure that we have the strongest offers available.

The majority of confectionery purchases are impulse driven, therefore it is imperative that this section is merchandised as well as, if not better than any other area in the store. Impulse products by their very nature need to be ‘seen’ in order to be purchased.


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