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Imperial Tobacco anti-illicit trade campaign


Illicit tobacco: Suspect it? Report it!

Imperial Tobacco’s acclaimed anti-illicit trade (AIT) campaign – Suspect it? Report it! – has launched two new online presences, the website and an accompanying Twitter feed at @suspect_report. The website poses the question: “Why should you care about illegal tobacco?”, and aims to become a digital focal point for the fight against the illicit tobacco trade in the UK. offers visitors a wealth of content relating to AIT. A dedicated newsfeed provides visitors with the latest daily developments around illicit tobacco, from regional, national and international perspectives. Visitors can also view and download Suspect It? Report It! posters, videos and infographics, while there’s also a contact form for those who want to find out more about Imperial Tobacco’s efforts to stem the tide of illegal tobacco.

Peter Nelson, Imperial Tobacco Anti-Illicit Trade Manager comments: “The Suspect It? Report It! campaign has helped spread and drive the message that the manufacture and sale of illegal tobacco is not a victimless crime as some contend. In fact, it’s a series of substantial illegal businesses that drain over £40 million per week from the Treasury, puts retail businesses at risk and brings crime into our communities. It presents a shared problem for UK Government, law enforcement, industry and society and we have a responsibility to work collaboratively to counter its increasing menace.