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Palmer and Harvey tobacco wholesaler

Palmer and Harvey offer an extensive range of 700 tobacco products and our promotions are updated every promotional period ensuring we meet our retailers’ needs. We are in the unique position of being able to offer unbeatable tobacco pricing. Our fantastic tobacco initiative means bigger discounts, lower prices and bigger profits for our retailers.

Tobacco shoppers are important to any retailer. On average, a tobacco shopper visits a shop 4.13 times per week, spending an average of £9.55 per visit, compared to a non tobacco shopper, who visits a shop 3.6 times per week with an average spend of £6.09.

With the current economic climate as it is, consumers are down-trading to value cigarettes and switching into RYO (Roll Your Own), so retailers need to ensure they are stocking the right products for their customers’ needs: think “availability”!

It’s important to re-stock the gantry prior to busy periods throughout the day to ensure stock is plentiful.

PMPs are also key, as these are very attractive to consumers and therefore are a factor in driving footfall to your store and communicating value.

Are you aware of the new Tobacco Display Restrictions for the UK, starting from 6th April 2015? Get all the info you need here.

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Title Uploaded Date Size
Tobacco Products Directive Presenter - JTI 2nd November 2015 780.11K Download
EU Tobacco Products Directive Update (EUTPD II) - Imperial Tobacco 19th June 2015 1.52M Download