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Tobacco Display Restrictions - April 2015

Tobacco Display Restrictions - April 2015

Are you prepared for the Tobacco Display Restrictions?

FROM MONDAY 6TH APRIL 2015, in England, Wales and Northern Ireland:

  1. All tobacco products must be covered. Behind the cover, you can arrange your tobacco products however you like, but they MUST be hidden from public view. Tobacco accessories and e-cigarettes can continue to be in public view. You MUST NOT open the tobacco unit and display tobacco products if you are serving a customer who has requested a non-tobacco product.

    IN SCOTLAND: as above but e-cigarettes, lighters and matches should not be kept in the covered section of the tobacco unit.
  2. You can only show a customer your tobacco products if they have made a request to purchase a tobacco product and that you are satisfied that the customer is over 18. If a customer asks to see your tobacco range it may be more appropriate to show them a picture price list. The maximum area you are permitted to reveal to the customer is 1.5 square metres.

    the maximum area that you are permitted to reveal is 0.1 sq metres (an area roughly the size of 12 packets).
  3. You can serve more than one customer at a time but no more than 1.5 square metres of your tobacco display can be revealed each time the unit is opened. The unit must be closed immediately after each activity is complete.

    IN SCOTLAND: as above but the maximum area that you are permitted to reveal is 0.1 sq metres (an area roughly the size of 12 packets).
  4. You can re-stock your tobacco shelves during opening Tobacco units can be opened up for stocktaking, staff training, cleaning and stock replenishment, even during normal opening hours provided that the display does not exceed 1.5 square metres. Tobacco products must be covered up whilst being moved around the store.

    IN SCOTLAND: as above but the maximum area that you are permitted to reveal is 0.1 sq metres (an area roughly the size of 12 packets).
  5. Notices which state that “It is illegal to sell tobacco products to anyone under the age of 18” MUST continue to be displayed by law. Generic signs such as “Tobacco sold here” can continue to be used as well. All branded signage must be removed from the display unit.

    IN SCOTLAND: as above.
  6. You can display prices but there are limitations on how you can display them. Only three types of price displays are permitted: poster style, picture price list and price labels. All three can be used at the same time. A tobacco price list may include brand name, price, units/weight per pack, country of origin (cigars only), type and cut (pipe tobacco only). Poster style tobacco price list must be called “Tobacco product price list”, must not include prices of any other products, must be in Helvetica font with letters no larger than 7mm, use lower case letters after the initial capital letter, be bigger than A3 size, have no border or frame must not use sub headings other than “cigarettes, “hand-rolling tobacco”, “cigars”, “pipe tobaccos” and “other tobacco products”.

    In WALES: as above but all headings must be in both English and Welsh.

    IN SCOTLAND: as above but the poster style tobacco price list must be called “Tobacco products / Smoking related products price list”.
  7. Shelf edge pricing is permitted as long as the numbers do not exceed 4mm in height, that there is only one price per SKU, that the total area for price does not exceed 9 square cm.

    IN SCOTLAND: as above.
  8. Picture price lists are permitted but can only be shown once you are satisfied a customer is over 18 and that the display of a picture price list lasts no longer than is necessary and is not left on permanent display. Letters and numbers must not exceed 4mm in height. Pictures of products must not exceed 50 square cm. Only one price list is permitted per till, and only where tobacco products can be purchased.

    IN SCOTLAND: as above.

Visit and for further information.

To download the full ACS guidance on the Tobacco Display Ban, visit

You can also find information at – retailers will require a Contact ID to register on the website which can be obtained from your local JTI Sales Representative or by calling JTI Customer Careline on 0800 163 503.