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What We Can Offer

What We Can Offer

We are the most accurate and flexible supply partner you’ll ever work with! There are 1.75 MILLION good reasons why you will love working with us – that’s how many deliveries we make to retailers across the UK every year!

Palmer and Harvey is the UK’s Number 1 delivered wholesaler, with the largest, most efficient distribution infrastructure. Our national network of 14 local depots in key locations across the UK have a fleet of 1,000+ vehicles, all ready to go the extra mile to keep retailers’ shelves stocked and consumers happy. Our drivers don’t just drop ‘n’ drive, they’ll deliver, unload and check the goods for you!

Each of our depots has a customer service team and its own Distribution Centre Manager whose priority is to ensure that our customers get the absolute best service – accurate, timely tri-temperature deliveries. 

Real time tracking puts you in the driving seat.

In any normal day, we make more than 6,000 deliveries, up and down the country – that’s over 650,000 outers leaving our warehouses, en-route to retailers across the UK. End-to-end, each of our drivers and vehicles is in constant contact with us via GPS enabled wireless handheld computers, updating us of their location.

Our 1,000+ strong fleet is constantly in communication with us.

This means that we are immediately alerted to any potential issues, allowing us to respond quickly at every mile and every junction! We can notify our customers if there are any changes to delivery slots and re-schedule accordingly.

When the goods arrive, wireless proof of delivery lets us know they’ve been received and tells us of any exceptions for accurate billing, and to offer replenishment forecasts automatically. We deliver 190 million outers annually, so we’ve got plenty of experience to fall back on and a lot of satisfied customers!

The UK has one of the busiest and most congested road networks in the world, which can have a knock-on effect on delivery schedules. How do we keep your deliveries on time? By using our Fleet Management System.

We use our experience, along with sophisticated route planning and real-time asset delivery software to drive our delivery operation. We can create flexible delivery plans that suit your needs and avoid travel ‘hot spots’. In this way, we keep costs down – and your profits up!

GPS software lets us know exactly where our vehicles are and how best to alter a route to make the best time. We aim to arrive when it suits you, so we can make the drop quickly and without unnecessary fuss or disruption.

So, in short, Palmer and Harvey can offer a whole host of services: